Tis the season to remind everyone about the benefits of proper roof ventilation. Let’s face it how often do you really look at your roof during the year? Maybe when you are hanging Christmas lights? That is a great time to really look at your roof.

In most cases an attic area should be cold, this means you want the outside temperature and your attic temperature to be relatively similar. I know this sounds odd, but let me explain the facts of insulation and ventilation.

During the winter months heat and humidity eventually make it from the living area to your attic space. When the warm moist air hits the cold underside of your roof, it can condense and in essence rain back down onto your insulation, which decreases the insulating value, allowing more warm, moist air to escape  into the attic. This produces a downward spiral of inefficiency.

Additionally the warm air in your attic melts the snow on your roof and it runs down to the eaves where there is no heat and freezes, this can cause a problem called “Ice Damming” and while it is not usually common in Pueblo, it can occur when we get lots of snow.

These can be serious problems that not only cause higher energy bills, they can also lead to mold and water damage, or premature aging of your shingles, which in turn  can lead to expensive repairs. In many cases shingle warranties may be void if a roof isn’t properly ventilated.

For more information check out the following websiteswww.trimline-products.com or www.roofvents.com

One easy way to tell if your roof is properly ventilated is to go out early in the morning on a frosty day, look at your roof from all angles, it should be evenly frosted over, if there are areas where there is no frost and the sun hasn’t come up yet, chances are you need more or maybe just better ventilation. In many cases newer roofs were designed with proper ventilation but the soffit vents were covered up when the attic was insulated. Many people cover their vents in the winter time, believing it will save on their heating bill. It can actually have the opposite effect. It is important to ventilate winter and summer. NEVER COVER YOUR VENTS.

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