In Colorado we have hurricane force winds that cause much damage. Semi-Trucks are blown over on the highways; sheds are seen flying through the air. I am not certain but there might be small animals and children whisked away to the Land of Oz

It isn’t hard to imagine the type of damage that might be done to your roof under these conditions. Don’t wait for your roof to leak, walk around your home and inspect for damage. Below is a list of things to look for.

1.     Shingles lying on the ground, with this wind they might also be your neighbors so check that they match your roof

2.     Tree limbs and branches lying on the roof or nearby that could have caused damage to the roof on the way down.

3.     Low lying branches that may rub against your roof during a wind storm

4.     Bare spots on your roof where you can see the underlayment.

5.     Loose shingles that wave at you in a breeze.

6.     Gutters, Soffit or Fascia material hanging loose.

7.     Anything that looks odd or uneven might be cause for concern.

In general I do not recommend homeowners to get on their roof for any reason, in many cases you can do more damage to your roof or cause harm to yourself. I would recommend that if you suspect there is damage, call a reliable roofer. Cornerstone Roofing will come and inspect your roof free of charge and if there is damage help you with filing the insurance claims. If you have t-lock shingles it requires very little damage to qualify for replacement.

I do not recommend calling your insurance first. Some insurance companies will consider it a claim against your policy even if no money is paid out. Speaking with a qualified roofer first will help you determine if you should contact your insurance company

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