Shingle  Roofs – Part IV of What is the pitch of my roof and why do I care?

Typically a roof pitch of 4:12 or better is required to be able to use shingles or metal roofing; anything less than that should be using a flat or low sloped product. There are ways to use shingles on low slopes using additional precautions.

The benefit of shingles is that they come in a wide variety of price ranges, styles and colors. You should choose a roof that enhances the color scheme of your home as well as one that fits into your budget. 3-tab shingles are the least expensive and have the shortest warranty; they are not a good choice in my opinion for our region due to the high winds and hail storms we experience. They are the least capable shingle for handling these issues and they lack curb appeal for resale value of your home.

The next up used to be T-loc shingles; however they were discontinued several years ago. If you have a roof with T-locs and experience any wind or hail damage your insurance company should pay to replace the entire roof.

Today the most common shingle in our area is a laminate. It has a higher wind warranty with some companies offering as much as a 110 mph wind warranty, it also adds a greater curb appeal to most home buyers. Most laminates now have a lifetime warranty.

Another type of shingle to consider are Impact Resistant shingles that can help reduce your homeowner’s insurance rates for areas that experience lots of hail and will help reduce waste going into the landfills, not all areas of the country are offered discounts for these shingles. Typically they have lifetime warranty and while they are more expensive than a non-impact resistant shingle, with insurance discounts and the possibility of surviving a hail storm and not having to pay a deductible, the price over time becomes more cost-effective. The typical belief is that these shingles will pay for themselves in 3-5 years with the insurance discounts in our area.

Other shingles include high-end specialty shingles that have unique designs such as Certainteed’s Carriage House shingles; these are scalloped edge shingles that provide a very distinctive roof. There are also Grand Manor, Presidentials and many others that provide an alternative to your standard laminate roofing. Not every shingle looks good on every roof so it pays to consider your homes architecture and color scheme when choosing your roof. The right roof can make your home truly shine, but the wrong one can make a beautiful home look dreary.

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