I found this picture on the roofer’s forum please notice the satellite dish in the yard and people are living there. After seeing this I decided to discuss proper roof maintenance. Obviously these people haven’t done ANY.

Roof maintenance isn’t difficult there is little that needs to be done to ensure your roof will last for many years. Below is an overview of what you should be aware of throughout the year, paying attention and getting repairs done in a timely manner will reduce overall maintenance costs. A quick fix can easily turn into a nightmare if left alone to deteriorate.

Spring– As the trees are starting to leaf out, walk around your home paying close attention to any low hanging tree limbs that might be too near your roof. Branches that move in the wind, may actually cause more damage than limbs resting on the roof, both need to be safely removed to avoid damage to the shingles and roof deck.

Summer– If your swamp cooler is on the roof make sure to check for leaks and proper flashings around it. Keep a close eye on it throughout the summer but specifically when first turning it on, mysterious problems can arise over the winter months. This is also the time of year for Hail Storms so if you have experienced any severe weather, look for excessive granules where your gutter drains. After any heavy rain look for evidence of leaking in your home, if possible look in your attic and check for any dampness or mold issues.

Fall- In our area spring and fall is the time for severe winds look for shingles lying on the ground or missing from the roof. Important to again check for branches that may have been broken by the wind and are lying on the roof or if on the ground inspect the general area for damage. Check to ensure your gutters are not clogged by autumn leaves this might cause water to back up under the shingles and create leaking.

Winter- Go out on a frosty cold morning before the sun has hit your roof, is there places where the frost has melted? Do you have icicles on your eaves? These are signs of  improper ventilation or insulation and may indicate the possibility of ice damming see winter roofs for more information.

I know this sounds like a never-ending to do list, however all I am really asking is that you be aware of your roof and the things around that may cause it damage. Too many people never look at their roof and the above picture is a result of not paying attention.

I never recommend that a homeowner get on their roof. I suggest that you pay attention to your roof and if you see something that concerns you call a roofing contractor. If you can’t see your entire roof, I would have an inspection every few years. Cornerstone Roofing will do a roof inspection for no charge and make recommendations and note any areas of future concern. Quick fixes can often be done while they are there.

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