You ask questions like “Will my insurance pay for a new roof?” I say “it depends” You ask “Can I fix a leak in my roof myself?” I say “it depends” No matter what you ask it seems my answer is always the same,”it depends”. The truth of it is that I really don’t know the answer. OMG, did I just admit that? I, a self-proclaimed expert, doesn’t know the answer?

Yes, I did and that is because it does depend on YOUR roof, is it t-locks, carriage house shingles, dimensionalpresidential, modified, TPO, EPDM, or wood shakes, steep pitch, low pitch or no pitch. It depends on your skill level, are you a handyman extraordinaire or bumbling klutz? How is your insurance policy written? Does it cover replacement only or to bring your home to building code standards? Do you have parapet walls, crickets and scuppers? Are they properly designed, installed and maintained? Do you have ponding water or poorly designed valleys? Do you know what to look for? Do you have proper ventilation? Do you have the proper tools and experience? Building codes vary dramatically depending on your county, town, or state.

The reason I suggest you hire a Qualified and Licensed Professional is that they should be able to give you advice regarding your insurance policy and they should know the local building regulations and the products best used for your climate.What works well in the desert Southwest may not work in the Northeast. Each area has it’s own severe weather conditions and problems arising from those conditions. In Colorado, algae on the roof is almost unheard of; but our wind, UV, and extreme temperature fluctuations create many other issues.

So the answer is “it depends”. Now what was the question?

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