When a roof is not ventilated properly it may cause the shingles to age prematurely in many ways. In this case granule loss was most likely caused by the fact that even though this roof has a ridge vent, the soffit vents had been painted over. Proper ventilation requires movement of air. This can only occur when air can come in at the soffit and exhaust near the peak, Balanced ventilation is as important aspect of roofing as installing the shingles properly.

In this case the lack of ventilation caused the shingles to overheat and the asphalt to become brittle, the granules started coming off which exposed the roofing to additional damage by UV rays this created the opportunity for more granule loss which created a spiral of additional damage. At first look at this roof with soffit vents and a ridge vent, the granule loss seemed to be a manufacturers problem. Upon closer inspection it was determined that the soffit vents were completely closed off by having been painted over. This means that all manufacturers warranties have been voided.

It is important for home owners to realize that their roofer is not the only person responsible for roofing damage. Many times a roof is properly installed with adequate ventilation and later a homeowner hires someone to insulate the attic. Insulation is the most often cause of blocked soffit vents. It is easily prevented by ensuring the insulator uses baffles that keep the soffits clear

of insulation and allows proper air movement.

Painting and siding companies can also create problems by painting or covering over soffit vents. Ventilation is the most important aspect of keeping your roof and home healthy. Poorly ventilated attic spaces can create many problems beyond roof damage.

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