There is a lot of work that happens once you sign your contract with Cornerstone Roofing and it is important to us that you understand the process so you know what to expect when getting a new roof.

Time to Order Your Roofing Materials

Once your contract is signed, your job is added to our job list for materials to be ordered. Depending on the season, past weather events and prior workload, the job list can be short or long. When the areas we service are hit with a hail storm, many homeowners don’t realize they have damage until well after the storm, so for us the job requests keep coming. At times we schedule up to 50 roofs a week and have hundreds waiting in our job list. We do our best to estimate when your materials will be delivered, but there are so many variables out of our control, it may not be exact.

When Will Your Roofing Materials Arrive?

It can depend on the type of shingles ordered, the volume of roofing work around the country (our suppliers are supplying materials for all the roofers), and could take the roofing suppliers multiple weeks to get to our order for your roof. The suppliers work within their own schedule and we do our best to give you an accurate window. We don’t always get information from suppliers and may not be able to contact you to notify you when your materials will be delivered.

Now Your Roofing Materials are Delivered

Once your roofing materials are delivered, the job is assigned to one of our installation teams. Our installers are all highly experienced and certified and will do a great job on your roof. During busy times we can schedule up to 8+ weeks out, but usually aim for around 3-4 weeks. We would love to be able to call each of our customers to let them know when the roofing crew is scheduled, but there are times when we are not able to.

Roofing Crew Arrives to Replace Your Roof

The day the roofing crew arrives, you will be getting a new roof. Our installers typically complete jobs in one day. You may not receive a notice that they will be there and you do not need to be home when they arrive. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that a roof replacement is a major construction project. Your home will be a construction zone and tearing off a roof is a major process, especially if there are several layers. You need to be aware that it will be noisy, dirty, and disruptive.  It is important to us that we leave your home in the same or better condition then when we arrived so have a thorough clean up process.

If Your Job Includes Gutter Repair or Replacement

If your roofing contract includes any gutter repair or replacement, a separate crew will be doing that work and scheduled after the roof is replaced. The roof and gutter is a system that work together. The roofers will typically leave the downspouts for the gutter team who interlay the gutter system. Homeowners may not be notified when their gutter crew will be at your home to start work. No one needs to be home during the process and crews typically finish the same day.

All Roof Replacements Require an Inspection

All new roofs are required to be inspected by the Building Inspector for your county. Once your roof is complete we order the inspection through the building department on your behalf. The timeframe the inspector will be out to inspect your roof depends on the workload for the county and is completely out of Cornerstone Roofing’s hands. We have seen turnaround times from the Building Department ranging from same day to 2 months! The building department does not let us know their schedule so we cannot communicate to our customers when the inspection will occur.

Things Your Estimator Must Know for an Easy Roof Replacement

  1. If gated, please be sure we have access for deliveries
  2. If you have a pet that needs to be secured
  3. If you need to clear the driveway so materials can be delivered.

Integrity is the Cornerstone of Our Business

Cornerstone Roofing is here for you! We are a family run business with over 50 years roofing experience and offer our expertise to assist our customers through the roofing process and insurance claims. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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