As always I never recommend that you climb on your roof, you may create damage just by walking on your roofing material. It is also dangerous, especially if there is snow or ice. There are companies that will hang Christmas lights for you, if you use one of these companies make sure they are insured so that if an injury does occur you are not responsible for the medical bills.

If you do hang your own Christmas lights, DO NOT use nails or anything that penetrates the roofing material. The best way is to use gutter clips. These are a modified S hook type of clip that go on the edge of the gutter and then the lights go into this clip to ensure that the wires of the lights are not damaged and neither is the roofing or fascia. It is best to hang lights using a ladder moving the ladder often. Before starting the process, make sure your ladder is in good repair and that the rungs are free of any snow or moisture, also make sure you have quality footwear that is dry and free of ice. Tennis shoes can easily slip especially if there is any snow or ice. Placement of the ladder is also very important, ensure that your ladder is on level dry ground and that you can easily reach the areas you will be working on without leaning too far in any direction. Move your ladder often and always make sure your shoes are dry before climbing the ladder again.

This is a wonderful time of year and driving through neighborhoods looking at lights is a favorite pastime, but above all it is a time for family and friends and you want to make sure you are home with your family and not laid up in a hospital bed recovering from a bad fall. Use a lot of caution and have lots of help to make sure you will be enjoying a healthy holiday.

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Rory Huskin – Owner