It’s a dark, stormy night the wind is howling and rain is beating against the window pane, lightning cracks, thunder rolls and you snuggle under the covers grateful that you are safe and warm.  “But, ARE YOU”?

Have you ever looked in your attic? Do you know for sure that wind hasn’t driven rain into your home? Do you know that your attic is properly insulated, ventilated and secure from insect or rodent intrusions? Your roof protects everything in your home; if it fails it can lead to expensive repairs. If you see moisture on your ceiling, damage is already done. Don’t delay! Call somebody immediately, before it has a chance to get worse. Moisture can decrease the effectiveness of your insulation, and provides an excellent environment for mold or mildew to flourish; great for the kid’s science project, not so good for you and your home.

Your home is a living entity, the veins and arteries are the electrical and plumbing systems. If they get clogged or cut, it isn’t much different from your own body. If left without treatment the problems only get worse until a simple fix now requires a specialist and expensive surgical procedures. The HVAC systems are the lungs and if not properly maintained can create breathing problems due to dust and allergens in your duct work.

Any crack in the wall could be a simple injury or a symptom of a larger problem. Is it caused by settling of the foundation? This might be caused by poor drainage, if addressed quickly it could be a simple fix, but if left might lead to structural damage.

Most homes over time develop their own poltergeistt, a creaking floor board, or strange noises in the pipes. Especially in older homes these sounds can become comforting friends in the night, the key is to know what is normal and what is sinister.

There is no greater feeling than owning your own home and being master or mistress of your own domain. I am not trying to scare you from that experience; I am asking that you approach home ownership like you do your personal health. Get an occasional check up. Many companies will come out for free and check on their particular area of expertise. There are also inspectors that will come out for a nominal fee and look over the entire house. The experts in their field might try to get you to do elective, unnecessary surgery, so ask questions and get a second opinion before doing costly repairs, but don’t ignore problems. Sometimes they will make simple suggestions to save you money; energy audits can save you money by determining where waste is occurring and addressing the problems with simple fixes.

Ultimately home ownership needs to be approached with common sense and pride of achievement. So get an inspection and then as you snuggle under the covers on a cold winter night you will know that you are truly lucky to be safe and warm.

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