Once upon a time (around 1930) there was a new shingle, the T-lock. Some say they were the original Thunderstorm shingle able to withstand the high winds that occur during storms, others say it was because they are shaped like a T and they interlock. The truth is they were a state of the art shingle once upon a time, however, times change.

When they came out, t-locks were a heavier shingle with much more asphalt content than the t-lock shingles we saw in the last years of their existence. As asphalt prices increased, fillers were added and the shingles became thinner, more brittle and less capable of living up to their name. It is my understanding that there are parts of the country that never used the shingle. They were widely used from New Mexico, Colorado and into Wyoming and other areas where high winds are a problem.

When architectural shingles came into being the use of t-locks lessened greatly to the point that it was no longer cost-effective to manufacture them. Tamko was the last manufacturer in our area to offer them and they quit making them in 2004-2005.

Now the question, Why does this matter?

If you have a t-lock shingle roof on your home, I highly recommend that you have a qualified roofer take a look at it. If there is any damage at all. You might be able to qualify for a new roof. Right now most insurance companies are happy to replace t-locks, they can’t be repaired because new material isn’t available. In the next few years I foresee the insurance companies depreciating these shingles to lessen their payouts, they will know that a roof cannot possibly be newer than when the shingles were discontinued. If purchasing a home with        T-lock shingles I see the possibility of  insurance companies refusing to cover roof replacement.

With the recent high winds and hail storms in our area, almost every roof with T-locks will qualify for a new roof  with an upgrade to an architectural style shingle. Standard Architectural shingles such as Owens Corning Oakridge carry a 30 year warranty and can be easily upgraded to a 110mph wind warranty. This is much better than T-locks 25 year and 70mph warranty.

If you absolutely need to repair a T-lock roof, you may look to E-bay or Craigslist, there are a few roofers and suppliers that have shingles they have held onto and you will see them for sale occasionally on sites like these. However, I urge you to try to get your insurance company to replace your roof before going to extreme measures to repair it.

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