Canon City, Colorado is a great place to live with family activities going on every weekend.

What do the following have in common: Big Horn Sheep, Bat Cave, Devil’s Horns, Arkansas River, Royal Gorge Visitors Center, Devils Pitchfork, Bull Gulch, Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range, Rocky Road and Devils Hole? These are some of the things I saw Sunday. I had the opportunity this weekend to go on a tour with Play Dirty ATV’s. The day started out cloudy and cold with misty rain and I was sure we would freeze, they assured us that they had all the gear needed to keep us comfortable, they were true to their word. They had rain gear and gloves, but it turned out that we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Our group had people with various skill levels but they made sure we all had fun. We started out at 6200 feet in elevation but quickly made it to about 8500 feet and back down again. The views were beyond incredible. The guides are knowledable about the history and geology of the area and stop to show off points of interest, giving us a chance to take a quick break and lots of photos. If you are looking for something to do when in Colorado, give this a try they are open year round and offer a unique family outing or corporate retreat option. We had so much fun, I will be back to do it again.

For the record Devils Horns and Pitchfork are a series of rock formations along the rim of an extinct volcanoe over looking Devils Hole which is the valley created by the formations. The bat cave is an old mine shaft in a wall of granite which has been sealed off with a metal grate with an opening to let the bats who summer there come and go freely.

I know this isn’t my normal roofing blog but speaking of that their porch could use a new roof, they are too busy taking tours and having fun to take care of the roof. If you are in the area maybe you could make a deal a roof for a tour.