In order to get the most value out of your home insurance, it is important to file your claim within one year of the damaging event.  After a year, insurance will likely pay out the depreciated value of your roof as opposed to the full, original value.

Call today if you have damage from these storms?

Pueblo and Southern Colorado. May 18th, 2017.

Colorado hail roof damageThis storm dropped 2” hailstones with intense wind behind it which devastated homes in pueblo and outlying areas.  With no protection from the wind, rural areas South and Southeast of Pueblo experienced heavy hail damage to structures and vehicles.


Colorado Springs. July 28th, 2017. $352 Million in damage.

Colorado hail roof damageWeighing in as the 6th most damaging event in Colorado history, this storm rocked Colorado Springs with golf ball and tennis ball sized hail.  The reason this particular storm was so devastating was due to it’s intense concentration in the Colorado Springs area.