Up on the rooftop, reindeer pause, out jumps good ole Santa Claus…. Ho Ho Ho, who wouldn’t go?

You shouldn’t go… Santa is magical and can walk on ice and snow-covered roofs with no risk, also he has magical flying reindeer that can catch him even if he were to fall. You don’t have these security measures. Every year there are stories of people getting stuck in their chimneys. These people have no magical powers and therefore cannot accomplish sliding down a chimney safely. The reality is that the design of an average chimney makes it very difficult to get from the roof to the living room without magical powers.

Then there is the age-old discussion of: can a person be killed by icicles falling from the roof? According to The Discovery channel show Mythbusters the possibility exists. Icicles can grow very large and pointed and if falling from a good height might cause injury and possibly death. An article published in 1897 claims a man was killed by a falling icicle. You would be a very unlucky person for this to actually happen. However, just to be safe I would not let my children play under eaves dripping with icicles.

The most likely Christmas time injury is from snow sliding off roofs, especially metal roofs. The same process that causes avalanches in the high country are at work on your roof. I have actually seen deck rails and gutters ripped off a home by sliding snow. People are often injured when trying to clear snow from roofs, either by falling through the roof or sliding off the roof. There have also been incidents of people killed by snow falling on them or trapping people in cars. Ultimately leave getting on your roof to qualified professionals and magical men with teams of flying reindeer.

For me the holiday season is all about family and friends. Keep yourself and your family safe, to enjoy many years of Christmas memories. Merry Christmas to all!

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