Colorado routinely gets strong winds in the spring and fall, but this year we have seen some exceptionally strong gusts. We have been competing with hurricane force winds

We have seen semi-trailers blown over while traveling on I-25, barns and trees blown down, personal items picked up and carried away never to be seen again. There were wind gusts of over 120 mph in some areas. Gusts of 80 mph have been a common throughout many front range cities such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Canon City.

Once the wind is over survey for damage by looking for any shingle pieces laying in the yard, branches or other debris on or near the building, excessive amounts of leaves in the gutters and if possible look at your roof for any loose, lifted or missing shingles. If you see any damage or areas of concern contact a professional roofer, they will typically give you a free estimate of damage and most will work with your insurance company and file your claim for you. If you have t-lock shingles and have any missing, there is a good chance your insurance company will pay for a new roof. I always recommend you get several estimates and don’t go with the cheapest bid unless there is a good reason it is cheaper. For example on a flat roof one roofer may suggest you need to replace the roof and another may use quality products that can coat and repair the roof. Always do your own research on the products they are recommending and make sure the products they are suggesting are suitable for your area and roof type. Ask for proof of insurance and licensing. DO NOT hire an unlicensed, uninsured person to work on your home. You may be liable for any damage or injuries and your insurance may not cover these costs if you knowingly hired a non-professional.

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