There are lots of roofers hitting the streets and knocking on doors in Colorado Springs since the recent hail storms. Be very careful when dealing with these contractors. Most quality contractors who have local offices will never knock on your door looking for work. Their phone is ringing from referrals and previous happy customers.

Typically the guy knocking on doors is what we call a “storm chaser” they come into town, purchase an existing business phone number and then canvas the area to sell as many roofs as they can. Once the roofs are sold they will hire anyone who can swing a hammer to install it and pull out of town before any problems can be discovered. Many times they purchase phone numbers and business names from quality contractors who have been in town for years and do all the work under that business license. The contractor is left holding the bag on shoddy workmanship and must clean up the problems or go out of business. Too often the quality contractor has no choice other than going out of business.

As a homeowner you have no recourse to fix the issues other than to hire another contractor and pay again for what should have been done right the first time.

Please be wary of hiring “Storm Chasers” or “Door Knockers” these guys are expert at talking a good game and making it sound like they are long time residents. Sometimes you can ask things like, “what is your favorite local restaurant” and if they can’t name a place other than a restaurant chain you should think twice before hiring them.

Cornerstone roofing is a locally owned and operated roofing company with our main office located in Pueblo, CO we have been serving South Eastern Colorado for nearly 40 years. Integrity is the cornerstone of our business.

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