Asphalt roofing shingles, how do you choose your shingles? T-locks have been discontinued so are no longer an optionTamko Heritage, Owens Corning Oakridge, Certainteed Landmark, Atlas Pinnacle, and many others all look similar and are classified as architectural or dimensional shingles, the most common was a 30 year warranty, but they have changed to lifetime in most cases.

The main difference that the average homeowner will notice is color options. Roofers will notice differences in the quality, how well it lays down, how quickly it seals, consistency of the tabs and how much granule loss there is during installation. While most homeowners will never notice these things, they are important. Another important issue is how well they hold up to wind and the elements. Be sure to check the wind ratings as well as the warranty. In most cases higher wind ratings require additional products. Sometimes this is simply the manufactures Starter and Hip & Ridge and sometimes it is a very involved process.

3-tab shingles are the least expensive shingle, but many supply companies in our area no longer keep them in stock. These are not a very popular shingle in Pueblo, Colorado and don’t meet building codes here because of its wind rating. This area of Colorado has a very mild climate, but harsh conditions for roofing materials. We get strong wind gusts, large hail, high UV index, low humidity combined with extreme temperature fluctuations, this means torture to shingles. 3-tab shingles just can’t stand up to the abuse. They work well in other areas of the country though.

Impact Resistant shingles are shingles that are made to be able to withstand hits by average size hail with little or no damage. I will dedicate another blog to this subject in the future, the main reason these shingles are desirable is that most insurance companies offer discounts off your homeowners premium of 25-30% in some areas. Over time this means the shingle can pay for the added cost of using it, also if there is a hail storm and you don’t have to replace your roof and pay your deductible then you are way ahead of the game.

Grand Manor, Presidential and other high-end or luxury shingles are typically higher in quality and offer unique design options. If you have a house that has a steep roof then these shingles show off really well. Certainteed’s Grand Manor or Carriage House shingles on a Victorian home can add much charm and appeal to the roofline. Presidential shingles look great on a log cabin up in the mountains. These are just examples, many homes may benefit from the look of these specialty shingles. However most roofs with a lower pitch do not showcase these shingles as well.

Shingles should be used to accent and improve the look of your home. Yes, they need to protect you from the elements but when used well they can also increase the curb appeal of your home. If you are planning to paint, I always recommend choosing the roofing first, because there are far more paint options than there are roofing options.

Consider your roof to be a design element of your home’s exterior and utilize it to make a statement.

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Rory Huskin -owner