The 85th annual Pioneer day celebration and Junktique sale in Florence, Colorado this weekend and the Chile and Frijole festival in Pueblo next weekend. The trees are starting to change colors in the high country and it’s a great time for a drive through the mountains. With so much to do it’s easy to forget the seasonal maintenance needed for roofs.

It is time to check gutters and valleys for fallen leaves and make sure that they are clean and free from debris. Clogged gutters can cause snow melt to back up and cause ice-damming leading to roof leaks.

Now is also a good time to walk around the house and look for any branches that may have new spring and summer growth that may now rub against the shingles causing wear and possible leaks. Remember the weight of snow may make low branches that are currently okay, sag and cause problems. If there is a question call someone to trim the up, or do it yourself if you can reach them safely.

It is better to take care of loose shingles and other repairs now, while the weather is still mild. Waiting until winter and colder weather makes products more difficult to seal and it is much more difficult to get problems taken care of.

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Rory Huskin Owner at Cornerstone Roofing where Integrity is the cornerstone of our business serving Colorado for 40 years. Including Canon City, Pueblo, Trinidad, Walsenburg, La Junta, Lamar and more.