Insurancence will cover the replacement cost of t-lock shingles if there is even a small amount of damage, especially if there are missing shingles, because they are no longer made. If the house is sold without replacing the roof, it is possible that the new owner will not be able to get insurance coverage for the roof.

If your insurance will not cover the replacement of the roof, there are some mortgage loans available that will allow for home improvements at the time of closing. Check with your Realtor for information regarding these programs.

If you do replace the roof, I would recommend a dimensional shingle, also called architectural shingles. They look great and will provide a higher wind rating than a three tab shingle. Make sure the color you choose looks good with the house and will also be versatile enough that it will look good if the new owners choose to repaint the house.

As a buyer realize that if a home has t-lock shingles there is a good possibility that you will not be able to insure the roof. Check with your insurance company before making a committment.

In the current housing market anything that you can do to give your home curb appeal and help a buyer see the potential of your home becoming theirs is important. If you are the buyer, you are in a position of power and may be able to use the roof as a bargaining point.

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