The Christmas season is upon us and who doesn’t love the beautiful icicles decorating the eaves of homes? They are nice when the lights sparkle off of them and they glitter and shine, however they are also a sign of something a little more serious.

Ventilation is extremely important to your home and icicles are a sign that your home does not have adequate ventilation. Another way to tell if you have adequate ventilation is to go out early on a frosty morning and if there are areas without frost on your roof and the sun is not to blame it is an indication that you may have a problem.

Some of the issues associated with improper ventilation are Premature aging of your shingles, causing them to become brittle and curl, dry rot and structural damage. If you believe you have a problem, you should have a qualified contractor check your attic space. The things they need to look for is damage to the roof deck, insufficient insulation, sufficient ventilation and that the vents are not blocked, and insulation over the attic access.

Many times we overlook the obvious, you move aside the attic access panel, but you never realize there is no insulation covering it. We have insulation blown into our attic space, but it covers the vent intakes. Many people believe they should cover their vents in the winter time, they are wrong. Your attic space should be cold and well ventilated especially in winter, this will help to prevent ice damming and other issues. Proper ventilation will actually improve the efficiency of your attic insulation, saving you money on your heating bills.

When in doubt contact a qualified contractor. It can be dangerous to crawl around in your attic area and you may cause damage to yourself or your home if you are not careful.

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Rory Huskin – Owner