Colorado wildfires have people asking how fire-proof are their roofing shingles? As far as I know all granulated asphalt shingles manufactured today carry a Class A Fire rating.

The granules used on shingles are ceramic and protect the asphalt from sparks. You can also get a Cedar Shake or Shingle that is Class A fire rated. I should specify here that while a Class A rated shingle is the best you can get for a fire rating, it is in no way Fire Proof. Class A is a determination of how quickly and easily a product will burn. Class A This is determined by testing done by the Underwriters laboratories (U.L.) In order for Cedar Shakes & Shingles to get a Class A fire rating they must be treated with a fire-retardant and then for best results kiln dried with the retardant so it becomes part of the wood on a cellular level. This is an expensive process and in our area Insurance Companies typically still rate them as wood and will up your insurance rates if they will cover you at all.

Metal Roofing, Stone Coated Metals, Concrete Tile, Clay or Natural Slate all carry the same Class A rating as asphalt shingles. Knowing how and what shingles are made from, common sense would suggest these products are more fire resistant than shingles, however the industry classifies them as the same. There are 3 Fire Ratings Class A, B or C. Class A is the best and Class C is the least. Non-treated cedar shakes or shingles fall into this category.

So in closing granulated asphalt shingles with a Class A Fire Rating will help protect your home from a fire but none are considered Fire-Proof.