Southeastern, CO Hail Storm.  June 13th, 2018. 1 AM.

Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security and Widefield, Colorado got hammered with baseball size hail in the dark early hours of June 13th this week.  Hail that size sounds terrifying enough during the day, let alone being woken up by it at 2AM in the morning. The sound is indescribable. A cacophony of shattering glass, dented metal and millions of dollars in damage.  

With cleanup efforts well underway, we want to be your trusted resource for Roofing Services in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security and Widefield.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Document everything you can with pictures, but do not put yourself in harm’s way to do so.  A hail damaged roof is dangerous to walk on as most of the texture will have been knocked off.  In addition, with hail this big, the plywood underlayer can be broken making it unstable to walk on.  
  2. Call a trusted, local roofing company to inspect your roof.  This is important because local roofers typically know the insurance estimators in the area and can help make sure you get the full value on your roof.  
  3. Be extremely cautious of any roofer who can’t prove they are local. Local Roofers like Cornerstone will be here for the next several decades if you ever need additional help.  Out of town roofers will charge more and disappear when you need them.

With over 40 years roofing in Southeastern Colorado, we know how to act quickly and we are well connected so that we can get materials and crews to you when you need us.