This blog to help homeowners make good decisions regarding roofing. I really never thought anyone would care to read about roofing but it seems that I was wrong. I hope you all enjoy our roofing insights and while we do our best to give good information there are regional variables and codes that might apply to you that I am unaware of, so please verify all my information for your own area.
A friend just got a new roof, and while the roofer was there he looked in the attic, you might ask why a roofer would do that, but the reality is that roofers can tell a lot about your roof in your attic. He found that because the attic access door wasn’t insulated, it allowed heat and humidity into the attic space and when that met with the cold roof deck (the plywood that lies on top of the rafters) it created condensation and that damaged the roof deck, it also created some minor mold issues. Luckily the problem was caught before too much damage had been done.
This is also the reason an attic should be ventilated, if the roof had been properly ventilated it would have allowed more heat to escape through the attic access door but it also would have allowed for the humidity to evacuate from the attic and would have avoided the problem of mold and damage to the roof deck. Condensation also decreases the insulation’s ability to insulate allowing for more heat and humidity to escape creating more problems.
Refer to my posting on  Winter roofs for more information regarding this issue. Rory Huskin Owner 719-564-5470

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