For the past decade, the owners of Cornerstone Roofing have been working with local schools and non-profit organizations with the goal of helping the youth of Southern Colorado.  Childhood poverty and homelessness makes our youth vulnerable to the crippling drug epidemic that is eating at Pueblo and surrounding areas.

According to an article published in August of this year by KRDO Investigates, “In five years, heroin use has tripled and meth use has more than doubled.”

Residents of Pueblo and Southern Colorado know first hand from finding syringes in the streets that the drug epidemic is getting worse.  The unfortunate fact is that these drugs trickle down socially to our youth and can devastate their opportunities for success. Cornerstone Roofing wants to help set the tone for supporting schools and organizations that are helping to fight childhood poverty and drug use in Pueblo and surrounding areas.

Last Year, Owner of Cornerstone Roofing, Rory Huskin and his wife personally adopted 4 families (consisting of 12 kids) from Avondale Elementary School and gave them a christmas they will never forget. In addition, Cornerstone was able to send 70 students to a movie at a local theater! This year, Cornerstone Roofing is partnering with local businesses and the community to provide for each and every student at Avondale Elementary School.