How to hire a qualified roofing contractor!

There are several steps you should take in the process of hiring a qualified roofing contractor or any contractor for that matter. 1. Use local contractors. Just because a company has a local phone number does not always mean it is a local company. You can check with your local building department.  Pueblo Regional Building Department  has a great […]

What is a lien waiver and why do I need one?

A lien waiver is a type of legal document that relinquishes a person’s or business’ right to place a lien on another party’s assets. In many cases, lien waivers are used by mechanics as well as by contractors. Once a customer has paid in full they may be given a lien waiver showing that the contractor has no right to lien the […]

How dangerous is your house, can it make you sick?

It’s a dark, stormy night the wind is howling and rain is beating against the window pane, lightning cracks, thunder rolls and you snuggle under the covers grateful that you are safe and warm.  “But, ARE YOU”?

Southern Colorado has lots to do in the Canon City and Pueblo areas this fall

The 85th annual Pioneer day celebration and Junktique sale in Florence, Colorado this weekend and the Chile and Frijole festival in Pueblo next weekend. The trees are starting to change colors in the high country and it’s a great time for a drive through the mountains. With so much to do it’s easy to forget the […]

To shovel snow off your roof or to not to shovel

Should you worry about snow on your roof? I know we just passed Labor day and most of us still believe it is summer. So why am I talking about snow on your roof? Some of the old cowboys in the area are telling me to expect record snowfalls this year, (something about a fuzzy […]

Winter Roofs and the importance of ventilation

Tis the season to remind everyone about the benefits of proper roof ventilation. Let’s face it how often do you really look at your roof during the year? Maybe when you are hanging Christmas lights? That is a great time to really look at your roof.

How do I find the leak on my flat roof?

Roof leaks can be difficult to find and rarely happen directly over where you find the damage. The reason for this is that water finds the path of least resistance and can flow under roofing material or along rafters. Believe it or not, flat roofs can be more difficult to find a leak in than steep […]