Carriage House and Grand Manor, Presidential and other luxury shingles are all very unique in design and performance.

Shingle designs have come a long way from 3-tabs and t-locks. The new laminated or architectural shingles are no longer the new and exciting shingle. We now have Carriage House and Grand Manor shingles and Presidential Shake TL from Certainteed’s luxury shingle line that far surpass the architectural shingles that replace the t-locks and 3-tabs. These shingles are typically more expensive because they are heavier and have better warranties. The heaviest of these shingles weigh 480lbs per square, Landmark shingles which is Certainteed’s standard architectural shingle weigh 235lbs per square. Weight is determined by several factors including the thickness of the material, the asphalt content of the material, as well as the layers of coverage of the material.

Owens Corning also has a wide variety of shingle options, such as their Berkshire Collection or Duration Cool Shingles which are energy-star rated shingles and may earn you a tax credit

Weight is a factor in the length of warranties, the wind resistance of the shingles and ultimately the cost of the shingles. The shingles listed above are also decorative with designs that offer unique looks, such as scalloped, fish scale and staggered shake. These shingles can add additional charm to the right house especially one with a steep pitch that really shows them off. Check with your local roofing contractor to determine if these might work for you.

So while they are more expensive to purchase and to install the additional design features and longer life of the shingle can certainly be worth it on the right home. In Colorado the higher wind ratings are certainly a factor to consider as well. New designs and new technology is always being incorporated into asphalt shingles. What was the newest greatest and best such as t-lock shingles, give way to better options.

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