Asphalt shingle pricing is on the rise, we are told it is due to the increase in raw material and fuel costs, this includes the asphalt used to make shingles as well as the added fuel costs to run the equipment and deliver them to suppliers. Suppliers have additional operating costs as well. Joplin, MO is the home of Tamko Building Products, a leading manufacturer of asphalt shingles. The recent tornado that hit Joplin, MO missed the manufacturing plant but did affect many of their employees,

From Plastics News At Joplin-based Tamko Building Products Inc.,  officials were checking on all employees. “We have heard that several employees have lost their homes,” said Ron Cook, director of communications at Tamko, which employs 800 in the Joplin area. “It is a very somber mood here in the office and in the city. But we’re a very resilient company, and a very resilient city, and I think we’ll come back from this stronger than before. I think we’ll fight through this adversity.”

This means that you will be paying more for your roof. The recent severe tornado, thunderstorm and hail activity in the south and mid-west are also going to impact the availability of shingles. In times of volatile price increases it is common for insurance companies to be behind on the increases. So I recommend that before you have your roof replaced you contact several local roofers and get bids for the work to be done and then once you have chosen a qualified roofer, (and please remember the cheapest guy is rarely the best deal!) show them your insurance paperwork and let them work with your insurance to make sure everything is covered at the correct price.

Any good quality contractor knows how to work with your insurance company and will go to bat for you to ensure you are getting paid properly including getting your recoverable depreciation. DO NOT show your insurance paperwork before getting a bid, but do show it to your contractor once you have decided who to go with. Your contractor should be an ally in getting you the best roof possible for what your insurance will pay. Insurance adjusters make mistakes, and will miss things or miscalculate. They are not professional roofers and they are in a hurry to get as many claims processed as quickly as possible.

Beware of Storm Chasers, these are contractors who follow hail storms and set up a small shop or purchase an existing local company. There are some that do a great job, but there are far more that are just interested in making as much money in as short a time as possible and moving on to the next storm leaving any repair issues for someone else to deal with.

T-lock shingles have been discontinued and 3-tabs are rarely used anymore, the most common shingles used now are architectural or dimensional shingles, a qualified contractor can help you determine what will best suit your needs and budget.